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Exercise: Visual Distortion

Dogs Horses 20141027 150225.jpg

This is “Patches”.

A4 3_Page_50

…draw to ‘look real’. Perhaps a bit rushed.

A4 3_Page_52

This is my first attempt using five lines. It reminded me of cave paintings. I quite enjoy the idea of drawing long, freehand lines to describe a shape – it looks soothing (if it looks like it’s supposed to). I used willow charcoal to keep it big and bold.

A4 3_Page_53

I thought I’d try 5 lines of charcoal on edge. I still enjoy these leg shapes. They gain a style of their own which is somewhat dictated by the medium here.

A4 3_Page_54

Just trying a shorter piece.

A4 3_Page_55

And now deliberately thinking about calligraphy as I do it and introducing the kind of ‘ticks’ and ‘breaks’ that you might find in square-nib lettering.

A4 3_Page_57

My collage is quite nice. I don’t think I’ve been anywhere near as extreme as I could have been. It was a bit fiddly but only on A4 size.

Doing the 5-line pictures allowed me to find parts of the dog that were essential to keep it as a dog. It also gave my brain a mission when I was looking at the picture – a seek out mission, to find the best five lines. I tried to get a nice sense of the very curvy back and hind quarters.

The pictures are actually of broccoli and sky, with some trees. Interestingly broccoli is called ‘small trees’ to feed a toddler. The tongue is the reddest, glossiest thing I could find with a texture, and the eye is a rose in a garden.

The text / grass was an accident – s I was looking through magazines I realised that there was a lot of text and few pictures then I thought I could just use up the text as grass.

A4 3_Page_58

Patches now looks a bit like a blue meanie.

I think I need to draw this again from the collage… it’s reverted a bit to things that are in the photo but not in the collage.

A4 3_Page_59

This is more interesting – I’ve made the dark patches scaly and hard and the pale patches smudgy-soft. The dog is now a bit cloudy, not defined at the edges. He looks a bit like he’s wearing a jumper and gold collar.

I’m not really sure about developing this… I still prefer the collage style quite a lot.


Dogs look like their owners.