Assignment 4: Magazine Illustration

Blog post relevant to this assignment which includes all sketchbook and drawn work:

Assignment 4: Magazine Illustration

The Brief

The assignment was to create a magazine illustration for one of four words. I explored these words before choosing ‘Guilty Secret’.

I was tasked to arrange objects for a still life as the basis for the design and to work from there to finish the artwork.

I began with a long list of objects and whittled it down to 5 most essential items, which I arranged and photographed to explore the set up:

I produced a pencil drawing…


…on which the final piece was directly based. I was most concerned that the conker would be recognised as the odd object out – the child’s item.

I eventually settled on drawing the conker and rosary in one style (painted in Photoshop) and the rest of the objects in another (drawn in soft pastel using a light box from this drawing).


This is the final background part after experimentation. When combined with the foreground objects the final illustration is…