Assignment 2 Reflection

A long time after this assignment I’m looking back, having moved on a bit in terms of my approach to illustration, and wondering why I found it hard to tackle? I’ve come to the conclusion that my view of supermarkets and the food industry has hampered my ability to complete this assignment in a straightforward way. Knowing this, if I were to start this assignment again, I think I would find better, useable, results.

My view

To me the food industry is positioned in an impossible moral position – it is a business and requires profit which is driven by investors; consumers buy food in order to stay alive and they need the right diet to do so while staying in good health. Changing the formulation of a food product, perhaps by adding more salt or sugar (or both) to make it taste more appealing, affects sales and thus profits.

My handicap

To me everything in a supermarket is propaganda: a distortion of the ‘truth’ (if there is a truth) to support the mythical benefits of a product. This runs quite deep in me – at an unconscious level even.

This doesn’t account for all of my struggles – there were other issues too – but I can’t help feeling that the final outcome is simply ‘what I see’ when I look at supermarket advertising.

The Answer

The answer is that I need to find a way around this handicap – perhaps by getting other people to help provide different views to my own – so that I can still tackle a brief like this without being quagmired in my own prejudice.


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