Illustrator: Derek Gores

This guy’s art is very frightening… not because of the effect of the work on the viewer… that’s really attractive. It’s terrifying because of the ‘fine art’ skills that appear to go into composing these collages.

“Where to be” – 30″ x 30″

The picture disappears as you look closer. Instead of the details of the overall image being revealed the underlying depictions on the collaged elements become visible and the larger scale structure vanishes.

Drawing back from the image and looking at a distance the individual elements merge and create the larger whole picture.

“Cleverness du chat” – 48″ x 48″

The canvas ranges in size from 6 inches (the butterflies) to 4ft or more. This is an important factor because it means that the images within the elements tend to be at a certain scale – taken from A4-sized publications – so the relative scale between those elements and the overall picture has a fixed scale relationship.

“Sinatra – The Joker’s Wild” – 48″ x 48″

This one is particularly interesting as it focusses on one subject – Frank Sinatra and delivers both a portrait and a kind of ‘mood board’ effect.

This leads to many questions about restricting the source material for the collages. It might be amusing to pick a restricted publication range… such as ‘travel guides’… in order to create a collage about something geographical or vacation-related.



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