Exercise: Text and Image


In my own Handwriting


Fast Slow


Calm Mad


Fun Boring




Fat Thin


Big Small

Fast and Slow

tandi_page_2 fast-2

I looked on DaFont for decorative fonts to find the kind of ‘swooshed’ look that I’d drawn. This is a very close match.


I spotted this one with circles and thought it had that one feature in common with my ‘wheely fast’ font made of circle. It happens to be called ‘snail’. From my point of view I see a lot of energy in this font – concentric circles like pond ripples or other radiating waves.


This is an alternative ‘swooshed’ FAST.slow-bell

This was the closest I could find to the melting SLOW that I’d drawn. It’s called Bellbottom Lazer. It isn’t quite the right look even though it ticks a box or two – the shape is too firm and solid, but it is a little bottom heavy. This kind of font, though, reminds me of comedy shows… I think ‘The Goodies’ used it.

61-kunhte2l-_ac_ul320_sr226320_OK, close but no  banana… The Goodies used an even more ‘slow’ font… much more slouching and sinking going on… more like my one.

Mad and Calm


calm1 calm2 calm3 calm4 mad1 mad2 mad3 mad4






boring11024x boring21024x boring31024x boring41024x


colour-words_page_1 colour-words_page_2 colour-words_page_3 colour-words_page_4 colour-words_page_5


Using red and green to create opposing vibrance – mad as in won’t settle, not calm and composed – opposed.

There’s a Christmas feel about it… which happen to rather suit my definition of Christmas.


Mad: I’ve just noticed that I never once wrote it in lower case… Mad or mad.

The font don’t contain lower case letters because they’re free display fonts mostly so they’ve been made by making the minimum number of letters – capital A to Z. Many don’t even have a full stop, comma or apostrophe which are all required for the minimum of grammar. It’s not so important because these fonts are made to substitute for hand-drawn titles and big impact words like ‘SALE’ or ‘FIRE’ or ‘MAD’. These words are shouted and capitals does the trick.

Media qualities about the word MAD:

  • of unpredictable shape
  • Don’t have to line-up or space evenly
  • Ornaments and decorations can be inconsistent

…some things do seem to matter though… could I use three letters from three different fonts? This might be like a ransom note… that’s quite mad! Didn’t think if doing that at the time… like this place:


I may have had the title of MAD magazine in my unconscious during this exercise… it seems to chime with my expectations.



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