Illustrator: Ronald Slabbers

…has a predominantly graphic approach to illustration using vector shapes that are clean and sharp edged. The look is stylish – creating its own sense of what the world looks like through exaggeration and simplification.

Catching my eye are the men in suits. They are huge, imposing figures with wide shoulders and narrow ties. Although many of the human figures adopt these proportions the men in suits look the most imposing. Wide legs, not to the extent of The Fa Side, but enough to be solid trunks.

Slabbers has created man conceptual illustrations, children’s books, comic strips and info graphics. Some of these are done less graphically with more hand shaded effects. He has also produced art to go on your wall!

The conceptual illustrations are very strong – because the concepts are communicated clearly and the graphical style enables the clarity of communication. The concepts are obviously refined until they stand out.


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