Illustrator: Jeff Fisher

So… on may way here tonight…

I was looking through the essential reading tomb “Fifty Years of Illustration” to find a contemporary illustrator who I like and I came across Jeff Fisher whose cover for “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” is enormously widely recognised. He’s a good one to start with I think, so I start to look him up.

Moments later I find this…


…the cover of the actual book I found him in is his illustration… apparently. With monumental irony I cannot find a credit in this book for the cover art!


Anyhow here’s another book cover which is also lovely. Jeff Fisher’s style often includes a lot of text. This one is quite geometric – no transition or accent, no serifs, all letter parts of a similar or matching width. On Captain Corelli the letters have serifs, and there is a high contrast in widths similar to Times Roman – the font is more similar to Copper Plate.

The Fifty Years of Illustration cover uses several contrasting lettering styles – at least five on the cover – employing outlining, 3d effect, low contrast tall lettering, a serif and an ornamental style. It’s a beautiful effect but obviously breaks the ‘4 font rule’ limit.



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