Illustrator: Klaus Pamminger

Cut print on VEL-422 cardboard
11 1/5 × 17 1/2 in
28.5 × 44.5 cm

Pamminger’s technique for this work, which might be part collage part paper-marquetry, and photography, confuses the sense of sight in a rich, maybe confusing, manner. The effect is to never quite know what is in front of you as the interpretation shifts like an illusion.

The sound, analytical, reason for this is that each of the surfaces in a scene have been replaced with new imagery cut from another image. The way it is done varies. Often it results in the appearance of the surface becoming a mirror – which explains to our senses why we see a new image in that surface, but other substitutions play on our sense of place, scale, orientation and appropriateness. We can’t rationalise it, we can’t live with it as it is, we are always looking to see how it works.



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