Illustrator: Street Spray Art

A particular kind of street art where works are made in minutes on large sheets of card using just spray paints (car paint), scrapers, masks and similar spray shaping techniques.

The speed is important as part of the style is a performance for the buyer on the street. Planets and ‘space’ scenes are common. Part of the technique involves placing objects as masks – round objects like lids and pots are easily available to make planets.

The Planets

The techniques are demonstrated in this video by Porfirio Jimenez C:

Planets and volcano spray art


  • creation of planet textures
  • masking to create planet shapes
  • creating water ripples effect
  • highlighting and lowlighting to make shape

…and ‘much more’.

The work depends on speed particularly where crumpled newspaper is used to remove fresh paint in a way that creates a pleasingly random texture. Wiping and scraping actions are also employed to affect paint in various ways – removing layers or dragging patterns.

The performance of painting these pictures is enhanced by use of fire – produced, conveniently, by igniting the spray of an aerosol paint like a flame-thrower to heat and seal the paint.

There is something inspiring about the bravado of the process – the finished pictures are vibrant and full of texture but are created in minutes with a process that has been refined from the skills of a graffiti artist and applied to the popular market invented by Philip Castle.




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