Exercise: Making a mock-up

…momentarily distracted by word combinations ending -up… knock-up (make, wake or inseminate), draw-up (sketch-up!), summon-up (imagine, remember, describe), cooking-up (usually ‘a storm’… cooking with style! or planning naughties), balls-up (to mess-up), put-up (..with – as in tolerate), and ‘to run a mock’ !?!??


The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

A Book by Douglas Adams (1988)… Oh no! I’m going to have to read it again. Never mind – I can put-up with it if it’s for a good cause.

Notes from the book:

  • “as pretty as an airport” (ironic. p1)
  • Arrows pointing (p1)
  • Pizza (p3)
  • Bad day (ch1)
  • Storing Penguins (p12)
  • Lurking fridge (ch3)
  • Standing on the roof, shaking fists at the sky, shouting “Stop it!” (p27)
  • Deliberately and maliciously watching television at him (p50)
  • The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it which the merely improbable lacks (p132)


The interconnectedness of all things

The book title connects Sunday afternoons which drag on and on listlessley (as they especially did in the 1970s before Facebook and Costa Coffee) with ‘the soul’… so the long draggy-on Sunday afternoon of the soul. It’s like when the you dip your biscuit into your tea and the end drops off and this is so stupifying that that moment lasts eternity.

Connect. Douglas Adams with E.M.Forster?

The brief

The brief for this cover might include the following stipulations:

  • Reflect the unique humour of Douglas Adams’ writing
  • Don’t give away plot twists
  • Relate to the title
  • Relate to events in the book in some way

The Response



  • Gods
  • North London (inner)
  • Connections of all events to all others
  • Method of randomness

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