Exercise: An Objective Drawing

Before commencing on the drawing itself in took time to make notes about the various aspects of the object (a brown brogue shoe) that existed on observation. Later when drawing this preparation, which included some trial drawing, became useful – it allowed me to pause a look closer because I knew there was more to see.

I’ve also dove a few exercises from Drawing in the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Davies which have taught me how to use the visual talents in my brain without them being overrun by the logic. As a result this exercise has become a very positive experience personally.

I’m now beginning to understand what it feels like for me to use the ‘right side of the brain’ (ie: whichever bit is good at visual suff, wherever it might be located in the brain but, nominally R) which is probably hard to describe. For me it is mostly like getting out of the way. It’s like there’s another me (R) standing behind me (L) and I have to move aside so R-me can see what’s going on.

Trusting is also a good metaphor… trusting myself. I’ve found when I’m drawing that I can disengage the ‘critical’ part of my thinking and let the intuition do the ‘measurements’. I’m used to thinking that measurement is about maths and tape measures, not judgement and eye-work.

Objective Drawing


Here’s my shoe.

It didn’t fit on an A4 piece of paper so a tiny part of each end is missing. It’s in pencil. A 3H I believe, but I don’t  know what make – it doesn’t say. Probably came out of a WHSmith beginner’s artist set.

I made a number of notes and preliminary sketches before starting this picture in order to explore the nature of the shoe that I was drawing…

A5_Page_47 A5_Page_48 A5_Page_49



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