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In considering the Illustration course as a whole, the written material that is sent to us through the post, lovingly wrapped in tissue paper to evoke the sense of a precious item that is to be treasured and, perhaps, put on display in a glass cabinet… in considering this text I wonder if it is a ‘paper tiger’… a charade… a mumble for the feebleminded.

Yet I get the course text in the post and it come full of instructions – Exercises – and the all-important Assignments. Then I watch the videos of featured work at formal assessment and between the two is the void I must fill with my learning time and my achievements.

Between the two something goes missing… the course structure. The assessors talk about the ‘quality’ of work, the investigations, use of materials, openness to ideas, incorporation of thought and a demonstration of process. They talk about an expressiveness and a developing style – the candidate’s application of research, and the direction and depth of that research.

The assessors do not talk about “Exercise 4” and how it was completed thoroughly, in order, and with attention to the words in the question… do they?

I’m starting to understand that if I simply answer the questions in the course text then I won’t actually be doing the right work… I won’t be learning the right things. Missing from the question is me… I have to put me into the question in order to do the work.

Inevitably this will mean that I have to choose between “me” and “the question” because they won’t always meet up. In this case I have to choose “me”.

Although that sounds like a very clever and insightful thing to write it’s all poppycock unless I somehow understand what it means in practice… what is the “me” that I must put in?

I believe this is right. When I ind out what it means I’ll do it. Until then I have a post-it note on my desk that reads “ME FIRST”.

2015-08-16 22.31.16


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